Our Team

Terry Nowell Craven
R (Broker), CRS #17916

[email protected]

Terry Craven serves as the Principal Broker and co-owner at Ridge Realty Rentals, embodying a profound love for Maui and a dedicated passion for her clients. As the daughter of the company's founders, Jack and Johnny Nowell, Terry boasts an impressive three-decade tenure with Ridge Realty Rentals.  

Renowned as the leading listing agent at the Kapalua Ridge Villas, Terry's dedication to her clients and her vibrant enthusiasm in the professional arena are apparent in every aspect of her work. Whether busy assisting clients with vacation rentals, with property management or with real estate sales, Terry is driven by that happiness that comes her way when her clients achieve their dreams.

Diane Nowell Loughland
R (S) #57747

[email protected]

Diane Loughland is a licensed Real Estate Agent and co-owner of Ridge Realty Rental. Diane is the daughter of the company’s founders – Jack and Johnny Nowell – and has worked at Ridge Realty Rentals for over thirty consecutive years. Her commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients is evident in every aspect of her work, reflecting both her expertise in the industry and a genuine, heartfelt approach.


 Jess Nowell Craven
[email protected]

Jess Craven, a third-generation employee at Ridge Realty Rentals, blends warmth and expertise in his diverse roles. Whether he is meeting clients at their villa, or, taking photos of owners’ property for marketing purposes, all are drawn to his “can do” attitude and high level of talent.

As a distinguished Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and former producer/director of "Self Made in Hawaii," Jess brings a discerning vision that elevates property marketing, resulting in quicker real estate sales and vacation rental bookings for our clients. 


Kimberly Nowell Johnston
R (S) #86803

[email protected]

Kimberly Johnston is the granddaughter of Jack and Johnny Nowell and is a third-generation employee and a licensed Real Estate Agent. Kimberly's journey in the real estate industry is a testament to her family's multi-generational commitment to excellence in the field.

Kimberly also manages Ridge Realty Rental's marketing, property management software and guest relations. If you've had the pleasure of booking a stay with us, chances are you've experienced Kimberly's commitment to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience!

Our Founders- Jack and Johnny Nowell

In 1983, Jack and Johnny Nowell embarked on a journey to transform their aspirations of establishing a real estate brokerage on Maui into reality. This vision materialized with the founding of Ridge Realty Rentals and has been going strong ever since.

Their commitment to integrity and values set them apart from the rest, making every transaction a testament to honesty and transparency. Today, Ridge Realty Rentals stands resilient, having weathered the passage of time on the solid foundation laid by Jack and Johnny.

For Jack and Johnny, success wasn't gauged in mere numbers; it was reflected in the joy they brought to those discovering their own slice of paradise. At day's end, their fulfillment and happiness stemmed from the smiles gracing their clients' faces, a testament to the meaningful impact they made on others.