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Picking the best professional wedding photographer is an essential component in planning your wedding. Not only do these images capture one of the most important days of your life, but they tell your love story, as nothing else could, and for generations to come.

Capturing Your Special Day

Capturing Your Special Day

Picking the best professional wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions in the wedding process. Not only do these images forever capture one of the most important days of your life, but they also tell your love story for future generations to come.

Investing in a professional and reputable wedding photographer gives you peace-of-mind in knowing that your precious memories are being captured with the highest level of skill and commitment. This means that you can sit back, relax, and take in every moment of your day with ease.

Dimitri and Sandra- Featured Photographer

Dimitri and Sandra- Featured Photographer

Dimitri and Sandra are one of the most trusted names in wedding photographers on Maui. This award-winning husband and wife duo have mastered the art of storytelling through their images, capturing your most priceless moments to be shared for generations to come.

For Dimitri and Sandra, they simply feel passionate about what they do, and it shows in their impressive portfolio. Their “fresh, documentary approach” captures all the emotions and essence of your wedding day, with images that are nothing short of exquisite. Dimitri and Sandra know how to compose their shots beautifully and then execute them with skill and precision. Their shots are clean, classic and creative.

Dimitri and Sandra strive to capture the wonderful, candid moments of your wedding day that not only authentically reflect your personal love story, but also the natural beauty of our island. Through their photography, Dimitri and Sandra are able to document your journey in a way that you will not just simply be able to remember, but relive.

Phone: 808-276-8568

Wendy Laurel Photography

Wendy Laurel’s goal as your wedding photographer is to capture the very feeling of your special moment in time. Wendy’s clients will tell you that she is not only a joy to work with, but that her love and her passion for what she does translates into images that exceed anything they ever expected.

Wendy is highly skilled at creating compelling images through the creative use of Maui’s beautiful light and composition. Using a variety of different photography styles, including documentary, portrait and editorial, Wendy flawlessly shoots all the key moments throughout the day, forever encapsulating the essence and feel of the first time your groom lays eyes on you, and the many heartfelt toasts, and all that is in between.

Location: 157 Ala Hoku Pl, Lahaina, HI 96761
Phone: 808-280-2911

Annakim Photography

Candidly elegant, innovative and creative, Annakim Photography captures your wedding day moments with stunning images to last a lifetime. For Anna, photography allows her to “connect with people using gorgeous light, different angles and creative composition to capture moments filled with honest emotion and beauty.”

Clients of Annakim Photography boast that Anna has an innate ability to put people at ease with her warm personality and fun-loving spirit. She is skilled at creating a space for real personal connections, and then beautifully capturing every moment. Clients can relax and enjoy, knowing that as the day unfolds, Annakim Photography will enshrine with their camera every memorable event along the way.

Phone: 808-214-7550

Maui Maka Photography

“Photography and People,” are the two passions of Kristy and Robyn from Maui Maka Photography. This fun loving, small team of photographers may be having as much fun at your wedding as you, while beautifully capturing every moment of the day with magazine quality images.

Kristy and Robyn take great pride in creating a unique body of work for each of their clients. In combining artistically designed portraits, and spontaneous photojournalistic shots, Maui Maka Photography is dedicated to capturing your moments with a purposeful eye and a strong passion for detail.

Phone: 808-344-7670

Capture Aloha Photography

Capture Aloha Photography is composed of a team of photographers that specializes in destination weddings. They encourage all their clients to share every detail of their wedding day vision with them, even their Pinterest boards. With a keen eye to every facet of your ceremony, combined with their artistic talent, Capture Aloha Photography exquisitely captures every moment of your fairy-tale day.

Phone: 808-446-6063

Natalie Brown Photography

A romantic at heart, Natalie Brown’s dream of becoming a wedding photographer came true in 2007. Since then, Natalie has been creating beautiful wedding photos of couples from all over the world.

Clients of hers say that working with Natalie could not be more of a pleasure. Not only does her friendly and kind demeanor put couples at east, but her talent and professionalism produce images of the highest quality.

Location: 45 Laenui Pl, Paia, HI 96779
Phone: 808-344-3843
HI Focused Cinematography

HI Focused Cinematography

HI Focused Cinematography has won countless awards over the years, including “Hawaii’s Best Wedding Cinematographer.” One look at their films and you will see why they are a proven leader in the wedding cinematography industry here on the islands.

Jordan Nagasako’s passion for videography began when he was a professional inline skater. During this time in his life he would create videos for his sponsors. From here his love for film flourished and he has been producing high-end wedding films for over 15 years.

The name “HI Focused” reflects his team’s dedication to focusing solely on your wedding day with the highest standards and skill.

“We are highly focused on all aspects of the production from getting to know each of you, to thorough pre-production, artistically filming your day, meticulous editing and finally, beautiful packaging and speedy delivery.”

Phone: 808-281-1530
ZEB Films

ZEB Films

With a passion for capturing each couple’s unique love story and telling it through spectacular images, Zeb Films specializes in producing high-end, cinematic wedding films. Zeb uses the latest technology and tools in the industry to produce one-of-a-kind “artistic modern wedding films.”

Zeb Films skillfully captures every moment of your wedding day, leaving you free to enjoy the most important day of your life. In the end, you will not only receive a wedding video, but a true work of art.

Phone: 808-283-2739
No Ka Oi Media

No Ka Oi Media

Na Ka Oi Meadia has been creating beautiful wedding films since 2008. Caleb, founder and owner, wholeheartedly believes that every single one of his wedding videos should be as unique as the couples he films.

Caleb’s artful skill and meticulous planning give his clients peace of mind knowing that he and his team are capturing every memory of the wedding day. No Ma Oi Media are prepared to arrange for the best lighting, audio and composition possible for your big day, no matter where the location or the weather.

No Kai Oi Media exquisitely captures all the love and beauty that surrounds you, in a video you can cherish for a lifetime.

Phone: 503-881-5201